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Meditation for Pain Management - online

Join me for an online workshop to learn about how to use meditation to help manage chronic pain. 

The truth is, meditation might not cure your pain. It may not take your pain away completely. But it will help you reduce it. It will give you practical ways to better handle your pain. It will change the way you feel about your pain. It will help you learn to live with your pain as best you can.

With our pain comes a whole host of other issues including sleeping problems and low mood which affect our work and relationships. Meditation can put us in the best possible frame of mind, strengthening our resilience and keeping us grateful, making it easier to handle the obstacles that pain presents. We want to have control over our mind and body to the best of our ability, so that when circumstances arise that we cannot control, like a flare up, we are better able to accept and deal with them. Meditation will also help prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety, leading to fewer flare ups.

Learn about how pain works, how meditation can help and gain a practical understanding of how to meditate. 

Structure: 30 minute seminar followed by a 30 minute guided meditation

Join live or watch a replay at a time that suits you. 

All participants will receive a downloadable version of the workshop to keep, plus a recording of the guided meditation. 

Book now.

Later Event: 3 May
The Space Studio