The quickest workout ever

Handstand push up variation

Handstand push up variation

This workout will take less than 10 minutes but you are guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Complete each exercise continuously for 40 seconds, then have a 20 second break. Repeat this sequence for 3 - 5 sets. For more of a challenge take it up to 50 seconds with only a 10 second break.

Lunge jumps

Start with your feet hip width apart, then step one leg back and lower your knee to the ground. Push through the heel as you jump up and swap your legs, then repeat on the other side. Jump as high as you can while swapping and always try and get that back knee to nearly touch the ground!


Pistol squats

Essentially a one legged squad, start by balancing on one leg and hold the other leg out in front of you. Bend your leg and slowly lower yourself down until the thigh of your supporting leg is parallel to the ground. Swap to the other side and continue alternating.


Handstand pushups

This modified variation of the handstand pushup is a great way to begin. Place your hands on the ground and your legs raise on a box or bench. The aim is to have the hips as high as possible and keep them directly over the shoulders. Bend your arms as you lower down until your head nearly touches the ground. Lock out the arms as you return to the starting position.


Bear crawls

From a high plank position start crawling by moving forward one leg and the opposite arm, then switching to the other side. Move along as fast as you can, keeping the back straight and the hips down.


Leg raises

Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms by your side. Press your lower back into the ground and engage the core as you lift your legs up to a form a 90 degree angle with your upper body. Lower back down as low as you can without touching the ground. For an extra challenge, raise your hips off the ground as well.


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