How do you make other people feel?


Do you know how you make other people feel?

People often talk about being a good person in terms of the things that you do or say, but I like to take a different perspective.

I want you to ask yourself how you make other people feel.

Understanding how you make other people feel is a great testament to the kind of person you are.

I’m a big believer in people carrying a certain energy. Have you ever been having a great day and run into a friend who is stressed, angry or upset. You can instantly feel your mood shift as their negative energy starts to affect yours.

Do you want to be the kind of person who drains those around you and brings them down? Or do you want others to feel your positivity, so that when they are around you they can’t help but be happy?

You may be thinking, “Surely I don’t have the power to influence people in this way?”. Well I would beg to differ and I am going to show you how it can be done.

Understanding the kind of energy you put off is about being self aware. Self awareness is a clear perception of your personality. It is understanding your attitudes, thought processes and the way you react to other people and situations you experience.

A deep understanding of yourself is key to improving relationships and ensuring that when people are with you they feel great.

Here are some tips to become more self aware:

Practice mindfulness. Being mindful allows you to focus and be in the moment. By practising mindfulness you will learn to experience without judgement. You will become aware of your natural reactions to situations and gain control of your emotions.

Encourage feedback. This can be a scary one, but it is extremely helpful to ask for honest feedback from someone close to you. No one likes to hear negative feedback about themselves, so make sure you are in a comfortable environment and with someone you trust. Ensure when you are receiving feedback you are calm and take a breath before reacting to any comments (see above, mindfulness).

Reconnect with your values. Being aware of your values will help you connect with what is important to you. It is always important to remind yourself of your values to ensure you are acting in accordance with them. Acting in line with your values allows you to be authentic and studies show that people who are true to themselves experience less distress.

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