Get back on track

Did anyone else just wake up and realise that it’s May!? Seriously, where has the time gone? I remember so clearly feeling motivated at the beginning of the year and making my new years resolutions. It is almost scary to go back and read your resolutions in case you are totally off track!

It doesn’t matter if you have lost some motivation, it’s not too late to get it back.

These are my tips to get you back on track to achieve your goals this year:

Recognise how far you have come.

You may have veered off track a little, but there must be some steps that you have taken that are pointing you in the right direction. Appreciate your efforts so far. Giving yourself a hard time won’t motivate you to keep going.

Re-evaluate your goals.

Are they still relevant? Are they still as important to you as they once were? Don’t be afraid to tweak them a little to ensure they are relevant and in line with your values.

Figure out where you went wrong.

Finding that you are far off from your goals? Ask yourself why you haven’t been able to achieve them. For example, your goal may have been to hit the gym three times a week, but work commitments mean you can only get there once or twice.

Make a fool proof plan.

Knowing where you went wrong will help you create a realistic plan to ensure you don't diverge again. Using the above example, if you know that it is unlikely you will finish work early enough to get to the gym four days a week, make a backup plan. You might plan to do an at-home bodyweight workout for the days you finish late.

Get excited!

There are still 7 months left in the year. That is more than enough time to achieve your goals.

Good luck! 


Ashley HuntComment