5 Reasons Looking After Yourself Is Actually Selfless

You know the feeling. Your to do list is overflowing. So many things to do and so many people to take care of. All. The. Time.

Every week you promise yourself that you will actually plan your meals, you will make it to that yoga class, you will find time to meditate. But each week something more important pops up, and your wellbeing slides further and further down your list of priorities.

While it may seem selfish to do something for yourself when you have a million things to do, especially when you have dependents, looking after yourself is actually one of the most selfless things you can do.

Here are my reasons to take care of number one (without feeling guilty):

Taking care of yourself will make you better able to take care of others. This alone is reason enough to prioritise yourself. The healthier you are, the longer you will be around to look after those important to you. The fitter you are, the easier simple daily tasks will be, such as running around after the kids. The better you feel physically, the more energy you will have to look after the needs of others.

Your relationships will flourish. The better you feel about yourself, the more confident and happy you will be. As you become sure of yourself, you will stop being anxious to please and instead learn to be yourself. Those close to you will appreciate your honesty and your genuine approach. A healthy and positive mindset will cause your friends to see you as reliable and approachable, and make you better able to handle interpersonal conflict.

Respect yourself and others will respect you. The way you treat yourself shows others how they can treat you. Looking after yourself shows those around you that you value yourself and your wellbeing. This means you will have less relationship/friendship drama as no one will be able to take advantage of you.

Looking after yourself brings clarity. As you reconnect with your true needs and desires, you will begin a journey of self discovery which will result in true satisfaction. Your happiness will be infectious and those around you will be able to feel your calm energy.

You will set a positive example. When those around you see your glow and realise it is due to some simple self-care, they will want to follow suit. You will be inspiring others to take care of themselves - now that is truly selfless!


Some ways you can start taking care of yourself today:

Listen to your body. Take a moment to think about how you are feeling and what you think your body needs.

Get some sleep. Go to bed early or sleep in at least once a week to make sure you are getting adequate rest.

Get some fresh air. Take some time away from your computer, TV, phone and go outside.

Meditate. When was the last time you took some time to just be still? Just 5-10 minutes of sitting still and focusing on your breathing will have a huge calming effect and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Take a bath. One of the oldest tricks in the book, taking a bath is the ultimate sign of making time for yourself to simply relax. Add some lavender essential oil to your bath for ultimate relaxation.

Pamper yourself. That appointment you’ve been putting off or keep cancelling? Make it happen. Go to the hairdresser, get a manicure, book a massage.

Plan a holiday. Give yourself time to relax away from the stress of home, family, work and commitments. My Bali Escape is the ultimate way to unwind and come back to yourself. 

What stops you from looking after yourself? What can you do to look after yourself today?

Ashley HuntComment