Breaking the Mould: How to discover your true, authentic self


Your true, authentic self - it's a heavy description. Being true to yourself is not always easy, but striving to be authentic is always worth it. 

You can tell straight away when you meet someone authentic. They fill the room with their peacefulness, confidence and security. These are the people who make you feel really comfortable, who you know will always be honest with you, and who can see the positives in any situation. They are not arrogant, they are simply, unapologetically, themselves. 

What happens when you become authentic: 

- you become more sure of yourself and more secure in your abilities

- you feel confident

- you stop worrying what people think about you

- your self worth increases making you more likely to want to take care of yourself

- you live a more fulfilled life as you stop trying to be something you are not

- you discover your life purpose

Often through schooling or through (often subtle) pressure from family and friends we grow up conforming in some way. We are told we need to act in a certain way, or do certain things to succeed in life. It can be scary to let go of these assumptions we have had all our lives about how we should be and act, but letting go is worth it because you have the chance to discover who you really are and what you are capable of. 

Some questions to ask yourself to help you discover your true, authentic self: 

1. When I am tired, sad or overwhelmed, what do I feel like doing?

2. What is one thing I am really proud of?

3. What values are the most important to me?

4. What are my purposes in life?

5. When have I been dishonest about who I was? Why was I dishonest?

6. Am I afraid of judgement?

7. If I knew I could not fail, what would I do?

8. What is my wildest fantasy that I believe will never come true? Why is it so impossible?

9. What makes me nervous/happy/afraid/safe?

10. Do I ever talk myself out of doing things I want to do? Why?


Take a moment to reflect on these questions. Write down the answers if you feel it will help you. This is your chance to get really honest with yourself, make sure you dig deep and be as frank as possible. What you discover may be confronting, but it is your journey to really discovering who you are. 



Ashley HuntComment