11 questions to test your emotional intelligence

When we speak of intelligence we often talk about IQ - we may ask someone what they have studied, how good they are at maths, or what grades they received in school. It's time we realised that this outdated standardised test are no longer relevant, or perhaps never should have been. 

These judgements of intelligence can be detrimental to our confidence. If you do not meet up to a certain standard, you can feel inferior or deficient. This can leave you disheartened without the drive or opportunity to explore your own strengths. 

More essential to our wellbeing than the grades you received or the books you have read, is your awareness of your emotions and how they affect other people. In my opinion, the most important aspects of your personality are how honest and true you are to yourself, and how you make other people feel. This may be determined by our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Our EQ allows us to recognise how well we understand ourselves, our emotions, and how these affect people around us. 


Here are some questions to help you determine your EQ:

1. Do you often know which emotions you are feeling and why?

2. Can you tell when your emotions are affecting your actions?

3. Do you notice when you start to lose your temper or think negatively, and can you change these patterns?

4. Are you deeply aware of your values and goals?

5. Are you confident in your strengths and accepting of your weaknesses?

6. Do you reflect on experiences and learn from them?

7. Are you open to receiving feedback and new perspectives?

8. Are you constantly looking for ways to learn and develop yourself?

9. Can you stand up for what you believe even if your beliefs are not popular?

10. Can you stay calm and focused in moments of distress?

12. Do you convey authenticity to yourself and your beliefs?


Take a moment to reflect on these questions and give yourself an idea of where your EQ lies. If you have not answered the way you hoped, choose a couple of questions at a time and try to work on improving your responses. 

Have your ever judged someone by their grades or education? How do you think you will perceive people as you become more aware of your Emotional Intelligence?

Ashley HuntComment