Tea - weight loss miracle?

There are lots of teas claiming to provide amazing weight loss results. These brands are loaded with outstanding promises and accompanied by before and after pictures of success stories, insinuating that if you drink their tea you will have similar results.

The problem with this trend is that it is setting its consumers up for failure by promoting unrealistic weight loss. Drastic weight loss is both difficult to achieve and dangerous, not to mention that the quicker you lose weight the more likely you are to re-gain it. Read more about this dangerous trend here and here.

Another problem is that these companies are damaging the reputation of the many legitimate health benefits that loose leaf teas do in fact have. The key ingredients responsible for the assistance of weight loss in most diet tea products are green tea and pu erh tea extracts which could be consumed on its own.

So how do you know which tea to buy? The first step is to avoid any products advertised as a “Tea-tox” as these can promote unhealthy weight loss. You should also steer clear of any teas that have added laxatives. If it is weight loss or a detox that you are after, consult a dietician or nutritionist first. We also recommend avoiding pre-packaged iced-tea variations as these often contain high amounts of sugar. Always choose loose leaf single origin tea when possible - loose leaf tea can also be infused several times and most tea bags are made with loose leaf tea scraps.

I love Pu Erh and Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea from Chá Chinese Tea, an Australian company that sources high quality single origin and single harvest Chinese tea. They are renowned for their boutique seasonal collections and selection is dependent on the quality of each harvest for each tea. I discovered their Pu Erh when looking for a tea with less caffeine to enjoy in the afternoon that would assist with digestion. Pu Erh tea is fermented and it is an acquired taste. The Chá Chinese Tea Pu Erh has a bold, earthy flavour with woody aromas, and is perfect after a big meal (especially after over indulging a little too much). Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson have been known to drink Pu Erh for its health benefits. The Dragon Pearl Jasmine is also a favourite of mine as a coffee alternative. This highly-prized tea is delicate and energising with delicious jasmine aromas - perfect to get me started in the morning.


Have you tried a “tea-tox”? Did you have a bad experience?

What is your favourite tea to drink?

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