Why following your dreams is never a mistake

The day you leave your safe, secure lifestyle to start living your dreams is the day your life really begins. Some will call you crazy. Some won’t say it but they will be thinking it. Don’t listen to them.

For a long time I have had a burning desire growing inside me. This desire was to follow my dreams, even before I knew what they were. I had this rare perception of life: what if we could do whatever we wanted? What if money didn’t matter, other people’s opinions didn’t matter, and everyday could just be spent chasing happiness and living a life you want to live?

As these feelings grew I felt more and more unhappy in my job and my day to day life. I felt like my time was being wasted working towards someone else’s goals instead of my own. I kept telling myself; “When I have X amount of money I’ll leave. When I have finished my course I’ll leave. When I have this many clients I will leave.” Until one day I woke up and thought, what am I really waiting for?

The truth is there is no perfect time. There will never be an ideal moment to start following your dreams. You have to create opportunities for yourself and you have to believe in yourself enough to make things happen. Once you stop waiting and start living, everything falls into place.

What if your focus each day became simply to enjoy life? Do what makes you happy every day. It seems simple, but why are more people not doing this? It comes down to responsibility, tradition and probably the biggest factor – money.

But these are invented obstacles. We have convinced ourselves that they are important just because everybody else says so, but we are wrong. Think of the man who works 12 hours each day to provide for his family. Each day he goes to a job he hates, works for a boss he does not respect, and comes home depressed and disheartened. Is he doing any favours to his family by being in a constant state of numbness and living an unsatisfying life? Settling for a life less than the one you desire to live will leave you with bitter regrets and this will manifest and prevent you from establishing supportive and loving relationships.

What if we did something wild? What if instead of focusing on providing for our families we instead put as much effort into setting an example? What if we showed our children how important it is not to earn money, but to live a life full of passion and purpose? What if we taught them that everyone can follow their dreams, and lead by example?

You deserve to build a life you love.

What is stopping you?


Here are some questions to ask yourself if you want to start living a life of passion. (It will help to write the answers out, or say them out loud.)

At what time in your life were you the happiest?

What do you love to do in your spare time? It should be something you do completely for yourself and get enjoyment from.

Do you do something purely for your own enjoyment every day? If not, what stops you?

What are some obstacles (perceived or real) stopping you from following your dreams?

Look at each obstacle you listed. How could each of these realistically be avoided?

What are you afraid of?

Think about the worst case scenario from each of these fears. Would it be so bad? How could you overcome these fears?

If you decided to follow your dreams starting today, what would your life look like in 5 years? Describe how you would feel and would you would be doing in as much detail as possible.

What are you waiting for?

- Ashley


This article was originally published on Move Eat Heal. See the original article here

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