5 Post-Christmas Detox Tips

If you are anything like me, you indulged in far too much delicious food and drink over Christmas. So how can we reverse the damage?

Firstly, instead of feeling guilty about your indulgence over the long weekend, appreciate the quality time you spent with family and friends relaxing and enjoying yourself. We cannot be perfect 100% of the time, and it is important not to give yourself a hard time if you slip up on your healthy eating goals every now and then. In fact, studies show that people who feel guilty after eating are more likely to be overweight. So let that guilt go and just remember how delicious all that Turkey, Champagne and mince pies were!

Similarly, gorging yourself over the break is not a reason to let go of all your hard work to date. Sometimes, when we hit a rut it is easy to give up altogether, but this doesn't have to be the case. Always appreciate your efforts so far, and even when you have a setback simply remind yourself to keep trying.

Here are my 5 post-Christmas detox tips to help you get back on track:

1. Nourish your body. While you are recovering from your indulgence add as many of the following foods into your diet as you can: garlic, lemon, apple cider vinegar, beetroots, coriander, sprouts, and green tea. 

2. Avoid coffee and sweets. The last thing your body needs is more stress with caffeine and sugar. This will help prevent rising levels of cortisol which wreak havoc on your health and can cause fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, anxiety or headaches.

3. Eat yoghurt. Try starting the day with natural or greek yoghurt to get some probiotics in your diet. Your tummy will thank you. If you don’t eat dairy try some Coyo (coconut yoghurt) or some Coconut Kefir.

4. Get moving. Sweating helps your body release toxins and will help you recover from lethargy due to a relaxing break. Exercising also improves your mood (which will help you adjust to being back in the office after time off!)

5. Get a massage. Treat yourself to a massage to increase blood flow and assist the lymphatic system. If a massage isn't possible, try dry body brushing which is affordable and quick.


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