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Are you struggling with stress? Do you ever find it hard to sit still? Is your mind always buzzing with thoughts, worries and ideas? Is your to-do list over flowing but you can't seem to get anything done? In these times, it seems impossible to sit still, and many traditional styles of meditation just don't fit the bill. Join Ashley to discover Modern Meditation, a unique way of meditating that encourages thinking, heightens creativity and improves productivity, all while providing deep relaxation and rest. Over four weeks, you'll learn a surprisingly simple and enjoyable way to reset your mind and body, plus you'll gain practical experience to develop your own personal meditation routine, helping you overcome stress for life.

Delivered either as online coaching or as an online course, from Day 1 you will be meditating and by the end of the 4 weeks you’ll be proficient in this life-changing practice.

Online coaching

Date: Start anytime

Cost: $89

Includes: One-to-one online coaching. Enjoy a structured approach to learning with accountability provided by direct contact with Ashley over 4 weeks.

Limited spaces available.



Online course

Date: Start anytime

Cost: $29

Includes: access to videos, recordings and eBooks to complete the course in your own time and at your own pace.



Here's what we'll cover:

Week 1 

- what is meditation and how to do it

- benefits of meditation

- where it came from and how to interpret it in the modern world

- different styles of meditation and finding one that works for you

- busting meditation myths


Week 2

- what is stress and how is it affecting you?

- stress and its effects on brainwave activity

- the relaxation response: what it is and how to induce it

- breathing exercises: how and why to use them in your meditation practice


Week 3 

- what is mindfulness?

- understanding your thought patterns and how these affect your behaviours

- cultivating a state of acceptance through meditation

- developing resilience: how to use meditation to overcome challenges


Week 4 

- developing a habit: how to make changes that actually stick

- creating a meditation ritual: create a routine that suits you and your lifestyle

- understanding your motivation: why meditation is important to you

- how to take your practice forward to become a life long meditator


What you get:

- Access to weekly videos, available to stream and download

- Guided meditation to help you develop your practice at home

- Accompanying booklet each week

- BONUS resources including reading lists, recommended videos and accountability schedules

- On-going email correspondence throughout the course for questions or coaching 


- What if I’m completely new to meditation?

This course is available for everyone and no previous experience is necessary.

- What if I struggle to focus and I’ve tried meditating before but it didn’t work?

Then this course is perfect for you! I will teach you a way of meditating that is perfect for even the most restless, wandering minds. And, better yet, you’ll start to enjoy meditating in a way you never thought possible.

- What if I don’t have time to do this course right now?

That’s OK! All of the content will remain available to you so you can complete the course at any time that suits you. Each participant is encouraged to take the course at a pace that suits them.