Think you can’t meditate? Think again.

Are you someone who struggles to relax, who thinks their mind is too active, and who can’t unwind? Are you carrying stress around but can’t bear the weight anymore? I’ve got you.

Imagine feeling a sense of calm within, so strong that it’s there no matter what is going on around you. Kids screaming, a busy workplace, family feuds and more. Nothing can shake your tranquility once you’ve been working with me.

This isn’t meditation as you know it. There are no straight backs and uncomfortable lotus positions. This isn’t about focus or discipline. It feels more like slipping into a warm bath. A massage for your soul.

Think you can't switch off? Not able to clear your head? Think meditation is boring? Let me guide you into a blissful state of complete relaxation and finally overcome your stress, anxiety, sleep issues and more. 

Studio space in Manly and the CBD or Skype sessions available.

I work with high performers, shift workers, parents, teenagers, or anyone looking to uplevel their life, improve their health, take their productivity to the next level and banish stress for good.

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Ashley Hunt is a writer, speaker, meditation teacher and founder of The Calm Company. Ashley is based on Sydney's Northern Beaches and runs weekly classes in the CBD and in Manly. Contact Ashley to find out more and to reserve your space in a class.



I have been seeing Ashley each week, for the past few months now. At the end of every session, I feel focused and calm which is a rare feeling for me. Ashley herself is open, empathetic, relaxed, kind and non-judgemental.
I am able to open up to her at the beginning of every session with what’s on my mind or what’s been bothering me, and she can turn it into a powerful session, without feeling forced or contrived. She leaves my thoughts shifted from a negative place and also helps me to realise where my original feelings may have come from.
Ashley has taught me about what meditation really is (and what it isn’t!) and how to just roll with it. I know am I still earning and still find it challenging, I am finding it easier to get into my meditations and have seen how much of a difference it makes to my overall happiness.
— Katherine, Sydney
Ashley has created a wonderful experience with her mindfulness classes in Manly. The setting is perfect, and there is an ideal level of instruction and information accompanied by practical meditation and mindfulness work. As a beginner it was a inspiring experience and will no doubt help inform my mindfulness practice in the long run. It was a wonderful, calm few hours in a beautiful location.
— Alison, New York
I was sceptical at first as I had never meditated before but needed something to help me switch off and reset. Ashley’s modern approach meant I was never out of my comfort zone. I now see Ashley once a week and I look forward to every session.
— Alex, Sydney
Meditation can be quite a personal thing, but Ashley’s easy and calm manner means people feel relaxed and open to learning from her. Her approach engages all and resonates with even the busiest and most skeptical people.
— Kristie, London
Ashley’s style has warmth and kindness to it but avoids anything too out there, which really helps breaking down barriers for people to open up to themselves and their meditation experience. Along with this Ashley also has a clear grounding in a tremendous skill set and practice.
— Jasmin, London
I was lucky to be introduced to Ashley a few years back, through a friend. I have had the pleasure of attending several of her meditation classes and loved them. Her style of meditation is welcoming and calming and she has such a warming presence. She has the most amazing voice, that leads you on a journey and you float out of the room afterwards. Ashley is helping to dispel the myths about meditation and making it more accessible for people. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.
— Louise, Sydney
Ashley is an amazing meditation teacher who strips back the complication and designs meditations that are modern, accessible, mindful and relatable. She is genuine, thoughtful, kind and creates bespoke meditations to suit all different people and settings, and she has the most soothing tone ever!
— Sam, Sydney
Learning meditation with Ashley has changed my life.
— Philippe, London
Ashley’s style of meditation is both fun and accessible. It’s only been since working with Ashley that I’ve been able to develop a regular meditation routine. Thank you Ashley!
— Jacqueline, Auckland

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