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Modern Meditation Teacher

Calm is my super power…


Modern Meditation

Imagine feeling a sense of calm within, so strong that it’s there no matter what is going on around you. Kids screaming, a busy workplace, family feuds and more. Nothing can shake your tranquility once you’ve been working with me.  

This isn’t meditation as you know it. There are no straight backs and uncomfortable lotus positions. This isn’t about focus or discipline. It feels more like slipping into a warm bath. A massage for your soul.

Think you can't switch off? Not able to clear your head? Think meditation is boring? Let me guide you into a blissful state of relaxation and finally overcome your stress, anxiety, sleep issues and more.  


Work with me


Over four weeks I will teach you how to meditate allowing you to seamlessly integrate meditation into your current lifestyle. You will become a self-sufficient meditator, completely confident to meditate on your own, while also enjoying on-going support from me.  

I work with high performers, shift workers, parents, teenagers, or anyone looking to uplevel their life, improve their health, take their productivity to the next level and banish stress for good.  



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Meditation Teacher Training

January 2020




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